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Wilmington, NC

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4320 Wrightsville Ave,

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Wilmington, NC

Unity of Wilmington

Contact: Ed Heuer spirited108@gmail.com

 Reconnective Healing a Return to Wholeness

Virginia Beach
Atlanta Georgia
wednesday 12 april  

 Columbia, SC

Intimate in home gathering.RSVP Here

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Wednesday 5 april  

​ Falls Church, VA

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
Meet and Greet w/ Eric Pearl.  Intimate  gathering.RSVP Here or  Contact Maryam Sardari maryam@sardari.com 

  Falls Church, VA
Whole Health & Wellness Center
Presentation and  Intimate gathering. RSVP Here Contact Patra Peng fuweipeng@gmail.com

Thursday 6 april 

 McLean, VA

Intimate gathering 1750 Tyson's Blvd (15th floor) Adjacent to the Galleria Mall RSVP Here or Contact: joan@dove333.com

 Rockville, MD
Dinner and Meet and Greet. Intimate  in home gathering. Contact Patra Peng, fuweipeng@gmail.com 

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​ Bethesda, MD

The Mindfullness Center  RSVP Here

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An intimate in home gathering, Christine's home 13304 Scotsmore Way, Herndon, VA. Contact. Delta Orion deltabellsorion@gmail.com​ 

  Bristow, VA
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8759 Comfort Ct. Bristow, VA. RSVP Here or contact Rebecca Thompson  

Thanks for Joining Us!  The East Coast Tour with Eric Pearl

The Carolinas
SATurday 8 april  
-10:00am-12:00PM Presentation  
-2:00-4:00pm Workshop

 Virginia Beach

VBIANDS NDE at the Edgar Cayce  A.R.E. 

Join Us for this engaging presentation as Eric gives us insights into his Mother's NDE during his birth. Contact Ellyn Dye  lionmagic@msn.com



 Virginia Beach

Fellowship of The Inner Light
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About Eric Pearl

They say your life can change overnight. That was certainly true for Dr. Eric Pearl. “One day I was a chiropractor and the next day I was something else,” says Eric. Overnight, Eric had found the ability to connect with energy and work with it to heal people. Today this is known worldwide as Reconnective Healing.

Now recognized and supported by science, Reconnective Healing facilitates healings for people that are often instantaneous and can last a lifetime. Feeling compelled to teach others, Eric’s work has taken him to over 100 countries and has affected millions of people. Eric’s hope is that one day everyone will learn to access this natural ability and will use it to heal themselves and others.

Dr. Eric Pearl has been featured in top media including The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times and CNN. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in over 39 languages, and has been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra, MD


Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance, wholeness, and vitality.  It is measurable...you can actually feel it.

Scientifically shown to:

  • Restructure damaged DNA
  • Be more effective than physical therapy in restoring range of motion
  •  Support athletic peak performance
  • Reduce stress, & promotes deeper states of meditation synchronizing EEG and EKG waves

  *Scientific info at TheReconnection.com

Join Us! For this interactive audience participatory event.  We will playfully engage with this infinite spectrum of energy, light and information.  Learn how you too can begin to access this new level of healing. 

For Yourself, Your Family, Friends and Pets.​

       No Techniques, No Rituals, Just You!

friday 14 april  

 Atlanta, GA

Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore

Contact Joan Fowler joan@dove333.com

thursday 13 april  

 Hilton Head, SC

Pure Natural Market Jamaican Cafe
1012 William Hilton Pkwy, Hilton Head Island, SC
(In the Panera Bread Center)  

or Contact Kelley LaBlanc  kelley.leblanc@gmail.com.

tuesday 11 april  
 Triad Yoga

 Greensboro, NC


Terry Brown terry@triadyoga.com


 Charlotte, NC

Anka Wellness  RSVP Here

Kathie Smith